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25 March 2009

When you type something in the address bar, it will show search results. Why is this so?

This is to explain why is it that if you type "Ice cream" in the address bar, it will come out search results for "Ice cream" by

(Why Ice cream? Because I am hungry and I want to search for Ice cream)

But why Why? Why?! I hate anything other than Google search results. Google is the best and he is "da" man. Nothing comes close.

So how do I ditch and welcome Google search results when I enter anything in the Address Bar? (At the point of writing this blog post, I'm not sure if I know, but I'm still searching for the solution)...(Now, after 40 minutes, I've found a solution)

This is MY very extremely detail instruction so ignore some stuff ok. [BABY INSTRUCTIONS]

(Here is the professional explanation by mozilla: "")

1) First what you do is find the address bar.

(What is address bar? It is a place where you type "" in order to go to the Google search website/webpage)

2) Then type the following "about:config" (without the " ) so just type about:config in the address bar.

3.1) Press "Enter" on your keyboard.

3.2) You will see a pop-up window with following message:

"This might void your warranty!

Changing these advanced settings can be harmful to the stability, security, and performance of this application. You should only continue if you are sure of what you are doing.

(tickbox) Show this warning next time

(button)I'll be careful, I promise!(button)"

4) Now Click the Button "I'll be careful, I promise!"

5) You will see a scary page, take a deep breathe and don't worry, we are almost there!

6) Scroll down (it is in alphabetical order) and look for "keyword.URL", it starts with K so find properly...

7) Click the words "keyword.URL"

8) Wow, the whole row lights up in blue, "cool"

9) Right click that row and click "Modify"

10) Another square window pops up saying:

"Enter string value


(space to type something)

(button)OK(button) (button)Cancel(button)"

11) Now in the space provided by that box, type the following:


12) Then click the "OK" button

13) Close the Tab

14) Go to the address bar and type "Ice Cream"

15) Get ready to feel satisfied!

This post is for everyone who is particular about all the little things that we are concern about, that keeps coming up, that we want to rectify but is just so hard to find the answers, if only we know someone who knows everything or if we only know how to search for the exact answers to all our little important needs while surfing.

This answers the questions such as these as well:
(from Yahoo! Answers)

Whenever I type in something in the address bar, it goes to with the website in search. Stop this?

It's really annoying that when i type in something in the address bar it goes to with the results of the website i typed in.

(from Answerbag)

Why everytime i search on the address bar, the always appear on my browser?

I went to the professional Mozilla Website and "Submitted article feedback" and gave them a piece of my pissed off mind.

<--- Start of Feedback --->

Hello guys!

I love to use Mozilla Firefox, it rocks, Internet Explorer is going extinct as I'm typing this to you.

Allow me to blow of some steam now. I am so angry that my keyword service is, I do not know how and why this happens, all I NEED now is to change that keyword.service back to the default which is Google. And this page need to show me the answer, unfortunately it doesn't instead, it irritates me by showing Yahoo! Search keyword.service which is "" ! Thanks for this but I need Google's keyword.service.

You are initially not showing Google's keyword.service because it is the default's service but you must understand that people who eventually comes to this site need to fix that essential part. So I would appreciate it if you include the default keyword.service code on this page.

Hopefully this site will be better. This will save people some time to write feedbacks like this and also save the person's time to wait for a reply from Mozilla's Team, if they wished to reply to an angry person such as me.

Please, if you want to improve this site even further. Provide all the search engine's keyword.service codes on this page. So you can make all the personal preferences changes. Please view the following example:

Changing the keyword service

If you like Google, modify it to:
If you like Yahoo, modify it to:
If you like Ask, modify it to:

Thanks guys. I'm sorry if this offends you.

Take care.

Sincerest regards,
Muhammad Afandi

<--- End of Feedback --->